Using Music to Help Create Great Kids


There has been much in the media over the last few years about how learning music helps students in so many other aspects of their academic and social development and this Top Notes Music Studio student is a perfect example.  Adhav was elected Band Leader for his school band at the beginning of 2018 and assumed the role and its attendant duties with a great sense of commitment and responsibility.  It has been reported to me that he attended every Band rehearsal, even those for which he was not rostered, which involved many early morning starts throughout the year, and that other parent helpers said they could not have done the job without his assistance, as only Adhav knew where everything was kept.  Adhav was also willing to jump in and assist the percussion sections of junior bands when required.  Adhav has shown a big increase in maturity and confidence this year, so much so, that he is now working consistently towards his first AMEB flute exam in 2019.  Congratulations Adhav – we here at Top Notes Music Studio are all very proud of you!        

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