Other Resources

Aural Training

AMEB Aural Tests Online

Aural Workshop

Downloadable note recognition game

Easy Ear Training

Good Ear

Interval Ear Trainer

Learning Intervals Using Songs

Theta Music Trainer (the best! Lots of fun games to improve your aural skills!)

Events and Activities

Flute Society of New South Wales

Flute/Music Gifts

Flute Connections

Flute Jewellery


Little Tooter

Music Bumblebees

Music Jewellery

General Knowledge and Music Theory

Australian Music Centre

Circle of Fifths printable diagram

Composer’s Biographies

General Knowledge Worksheet for AMEB Exams (Grades 1 to 4)

General Knowledge Worksheet for AMEB Exams (Grades 5 and 6)

General Knowledge Worksheet for AMEB Exams (Grades 7 and 8)

Key Signatures/Circle of Fifths

Music Dictionary  (intermediate -advanced level)

Music Theory and History

Musical/Italian Terms Dictionary  (beginner-intermediate level)

HSC Music

HSC Music Performance Preparation

Practice Tools

Amazing Slow Downer (this one costs but is the best investment you’ll ever make – slow down any MP3 or CD track to the speed you want for practising or playing along)

Bulletproof Musician Blog

Combined Tuner/Metronome (Intelli Metro Tuner-IMT202)

Fingering Charts for all flute fingerings, trills and tremolos

Get More Results in Less Time!

The Five Best Metronome Apps

The Five Best Recording Devices

The Five Best Tuner Apps

Specialist Flute Shops in Sydney

Flute Connections (Lane Cove)

Flute Tree (Leichhardt)

Flutes and Flutists (Northbridge)