Cathy Wainwright was,
“very nurturing and really encouraging and got me off to a very strong start.  I think that’s so important when you’re a young musician, to have a teacher that’s going to set you the right foundations and really give you a good grounding, so that you can build from there.
 ~ Rosie Gallagher (former student and Julliard School graduate) being interviewed on Radio 702 ABC SydneyJuly 2014. 

“You were such a great support to me and I think of our lessons with great fondness.”                                                                                        ~ Rosie,  July 2014

“Thank you for being my wonderful teacher. Thank you bring me to the realm of music beyond my imagination. Thank you for opening my ears and eyes!”
 ~ Michelle (adult student),  January 2017

“I would like to say a huge Thank-you for all your hard work in helping and tutoring me this year.  I really respect your dedication to and love of music, it’s a great inspiration for me.”
~ Caitlin, December 2017

“I want to thank you for all that you have taught me this year in flute.  My life would be undoubtedly flat without you.  You helped me improve my bass-ic flute skills and turn it into something truly amazing.  Thank you so much for your help and guidance for me this year, as well as your never-ending patience whilst I was struggling.  You have been a major big help with my music!  Thank you also, for supporting my interest in music composition!  Please also note that you are the best teacher I’ve ever had in music!”
~ Carol, December 2017

“You have been an amazing teacher this year and you have taught me so many things.  You are an amazing person and one of the nicest people I know!”
~ Clara, December 2017

“All the teaching and support you have given me has really helped me grow as a flute player and I can’t thank you enough.  I’ve learnt so much and your passion for music has really motivated me to continue to work on my playing.”
~ Emma, April 2018

“I really want to thank you for all the encouragement and support you gave my son over the years.  You have been a calming influence in his life and you had more faith in him than he had in himself when it came to his music exams.  As much as he hated practising his flute I remind him that without his music he wouldn’t have achieved what he has today.”
~ Dhami (parent),  December 2018

“We feel blessed having you teach Isabella.  I can see that you are always well prepared for each lesson.  You spend your spare time thinking how to help kids to improve!” 
 ~ Tina (parent),  August 2019

“I am so grateful for your continuing support and dedication in my pursuits of music and encouraging me to fulfil my dream.  You have helped fuel my passion for music and I thank you for your patience.”
~ Hannah, December 2020



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