Cathy Wainwright was,
“very nurturing and really encouraging and got me off to a very strong start.  I think that’s so important when you’re a young musician, to have a teacher that’s going to set you the right foundations and really give you a good grounding, so that you can build from there.
 ~ Rosie Gallagher (former student and Julliard School graduate) interviewed on Radio 702 ABC SydneyJuly 2014,  Hear the full interview here.

“You were such a great support to me and I think of our lessons with great fondness.”
Rosie,  July 2014

“Your teaching has had a great impact on my flute playing!”  ~ Carol,  December 2016

“Thank you for being my wonderful teacher. Thank you bring me to the realm of music beyond my imagination. Thank you for opening my ears and eyes!”  ~ Michelle (adult student),  January 2017

“Many thanks for all your support and wonderful teaching.”  ~ Monica (parent),  December 2014

“I enjoyed learning with you this year and can’t wait until next year!”  ~ Joyce,  December 2016

“Thank you for being so patient with me on the flute.  I am enjoying the lessons.”
                                                                                             ~ Blossom (adult student), December 2015

“You are a huge role model and I love having you as my awesome flute tutor!”  ~ Caitlin, December 2016 


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