Student of the Week – Term One Week Seven

I am pHannah Smithleased to announce that Student of the Week for Week Seven is Hannah Smith.  Hannah is just about to sit her Year 12 half-yearly exams but even so is continuing to have fortnightly Flute lessons, and work on her Theory.  Hannah passed her Grade Six Flute exam with Credit in 2015, but has to pass the additional requirement of Grade Two Theory in order to receive her Grade Six certificate.  We work on the basis of a little bit every day is better than nothing at all!  So Hannah spends a few minutes completing just one page in her Theory book each day, which adds up to 14 pages in a fortnight!  As well, just a small amount of flute practice focusing on tone, technique, one solo piece and one duet, means that Hannah can continue to enjoy her flute playing without feeling overwhelmed by preparing for an exam. Year 12 is a big year for all students, and Hannah is proving that having music as an enjoyable, extra-curricular activity can help with the stress of getting through it all.  I’m proud of you Hannah for managing to keep all the balls in the air!      

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