Student of the Week – Term One Week Five

Anish JosephStudent of the Week for Week Five is Anish Joseph.  I have selected Anish this week because he has shown a commitment to incrementally improving and refining his flute playing technique over the last year.  Over the last few weeks Anish has mastered the technique of detache (a French word which simply means ‘detached’)  This will enable him to play with a lighter, bouncier sound that comes from using more diaphragm support, and in turn helps to reduce tension in the arms and fingers.  Working on technique requires discipline and intelligent, focused use of practice time.  This is essential to Anish, because in addition to his flute lessons he is also preparing for his Grade 7 Piano exam in May, and his Grade 5 Theory exam.  Anish is a Year 8 student who has a significant commute to and from school each day, and also plays a lot of sport, so he has  a very busy schedule.  Anish is also hoping to compete in an Eisteddfod or two later on in the year with his flute.  Keep up the good work Anish!

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