Student of the Week – Term One Week Four

StudeCaitlin Handelnt of the Week for Week Four is awarded to Year 8 student, Caitlin Handel.  Caitlin attends a performing arts high school and is one of three flute players in a flute ensemble at school.  At her second lesson this year she brought along an arrangement of the famous Hallelujah Chorus, by her namesake Georg Frederic Handel.  Caitlin had been given the First Flute part which is quite challenging, requiring a lot of reading of notes up to four leger lines above the stave – and remembering all the fingerings!  No mean feat for a student who has only just completed Grade Two.  Caitlin has impressed me with the amount of effort she has put into learning her part over the last two weeks.  She is now able to play it quite fluently, and also to identify where there are uncertainties in the ensemble at school.  Last lesson we worked on a difficult spot, with myself and another student playing the second and third parts, and Caitlin’s Mum recorded it on her iPad for Caitlin to practise with at home.  What a great team effort by all concerned!

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