Student of the Week – Term One Week Two

Emma Wilkinson

Student of the Week for Week Two is awarded to Emma Wilkinson.  Emma is in Year 8 and has been learning flute since she was in Year 3.  Emma started private lessons at Top Notes Music Studio 18 months ago.  In 2015 Emma did both Grade 1 and Grade 2 Flute exams, and passed both with Honours.  She is now preparing for Grade 3 in May 2016.

 Emma is a very organised and conscientious student and comes to every lesson with her assigned work completed.  She has markers in all her books so she knows exactly what she is supposed to be working on.  But what is most impressive about Emma is that she remembers to work on those difficult technique issues that require constant awareness when practising.  Emma has made great strides improving her hand positions, and working on a more relaxed embouchure with the result that she is now discovering a fantastic big sound she never knew she had!  I am very excited by the possibilities that will now open up for Emma in her playing.  Congratulations Emma!

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